National Summary Sheets on Education Systems in Europe and Ongoing Reforms

Kırşehir M.E.M.

The Turkısh Education System




We live in a world that change day by day. Borderlines are gradually losing their significance and the mass of information that we receive on a daily basis is booming. It is our duty then to provide our children with all the necessary skills, which will enable them to live and develop their personality in a world without boundaries. Nevertheless, education, which aims to combine creatively different cultural elements, should always be founded on the ground of humanitarian values, our historical tradition and our national identity.

It is our responsibility to teach children and adults the way in which to collect and survey new pieces of information and also to take advantage of them through the use of modern and technologically advanced tools. Pupils should become accustomed to group work and develop their creative skills through their participation in various activities, specially designed to provide both knowledge and development in the ability to reason.

Our Foundation was established in 2004 with the aims of instructing youth and adults, students about the importance of education, research, development, learning foreign languages, international exchange programs.

Our missions are:

  • To collect and give up to date information about educational opportunities, language learning, trainings, scholarships ecc.
  • Organize and manage exchange programs, cultural and sport camps for students, children  young people.
  • We organize language trainings, volunteer trainings, project/application writing trainings, instruction trainings for youth with fewer opportunities;
  • Both organize and attend on workshops, meetings, courses, on different themes;
  • Advising and helping to develop career plans.

We are an apolitical, independent, non profit organization, with educational aims that coordinates youngster willing to cooperate in the voluntary sector.

It does not discriminate on the base of race, colors, religion, sex, religion belief, ethnic provenience or nationality.

It believes in the mutual respect of different cultures and in the equality between people; it aims to contribute to the development of the countries in which it works putting a main effort toward international cooperation and mutual understanding, this is made through cultural exchange and practical experience.

It is striven in order to diffuse the international culture and to promote the development of the individual, creating opportunity of interaction and comparison between the young people from various cultures and nationality. It contributes to the development of the personal and professional skills organizing training courses and involving the participants in practical experiences of live that allow sharing and exchange of ideas, opinions and experiences.

Our organization creates links among the individual from different cultures that operate in different communities. The contact and the comparison between them modify their own way of interacting with their original economic and social environment.

Our Vision:

We wish to take active roles in the process of reshaping life conditions of young people and women both at national and European levels. We wish to contribute to the construction of a new world with equal opportunities for all. We especially wish to support, through our project activities, social and personal development of young people and women with little or no resources. We are committed to the philosophy that intercultural sharing and communication among people contributes to a more peaceful world. We work in partnership

Purposes and Principles

Fundamental principles and values…

  1. promoting transnational cooperation and exchanges between schools and teacher training establishments;
  2. encouraging innovation in pedagogical methods and materials;
  3. promoting the transnational dissemination of good practice and innovation in the management of schools;
  4. developing and disseminating methods for combating educational exclusion and school failure, promoting the integration of pupils with special educational needs, and promoting equal opportunities in all sectors of education;
  5. Promoting the use of information and communication technology in school education and in the training of staff working in this sector.
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