Kırsehir National Educational Directorship

Poject Coordination Team (PKE)

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Kırşehir District National Education Directorate is a state institution in charge with the planning and coordination of all kinds of educational and training activities in from pre-school to the end of secondary school, vocational high schools, technical schools beside parents’ education and training in Kırsehir.

 We have 158 educational,Vocational, training institutions, 3059  teachers/trainers and 45658 students/learners. Project research and development department helps the educational institutions to prepare LLL projects (Comenius, Leonardo, Grundtvig, Youth Programmes) and find suitable partners from EU countries. It also mediates between the Project coordinators/ partners from EU countries and the most suitable educational institutions looking for partners from the city.

Kırsehir National Educational Directorship Poject Coordination Team (PKE)

Kırsehir National Educational Directorship Poject Coordination Team (PKE) – was founded in 2004.

It offers internships and assistance in implementing and conducting different projects like youth exchanges, seminars, training courses, study visits, partnership building activities and many more.

We can offer support (trainers, facilitators and support staff) in the following fields:

  • Intercultural learning
  • European citizenship
  • Project management
  • Peer education
  • Teamwork, leadership and communication
  • Human rights education

(PKE) is active today in the fields of local, national and international youth work, arts and cultural activities and in LLP education through the realisation of different projects and programmes with local, national and international partners. Our aims and objectives are:

  • To provide high quality non-formal programmes to young people in Turkey and Europe;
  • To train young people committed to peace, democracy and solidarity;
  • To support the integration of young people into the society and to activate their civil engagement;
  • To raise young people's engagement for solving community, educational, environmental and social problems;
  • To promote a better understanding of cultural diversity and the fight against racism, discrimination, xenophobia and nationalism.
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